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Reno Divorce Attorney

While everyone enters into marriage with the best intentions, unfortunately, many marriages end in divorce. Although the divorce laws in Nevada are complex, a qualified and experienced attorney can help make the marital dissolution as painless and efficient as possible. Reno Divorce Attorney Aaron Bushur has years of experience handling divorces and family law matters and is available to discuss your divorce matters.

Reno Custody Attorney

When you are facing the realities of a child custody case, you need to know that you have the right help on your side. When emotions are at an all-time high and your child's safety and security are at risk, as well as your parenting rights, you need skilled legal help from a custody attorney. Aaron Bushur Law serves families in Reno and the surrounding communities in Washoe, Lyon and Humboldt Counties, among others, providing the services of a child custody lawyer in Reno who has a client-centric focus.

Reno Guardianship Attorney

A guardian is appointed by the court when an individual is unable to adequately manage their personal and financial affairs, usually due to physical or mental health issues. The guardianship laws in Nevada are quite detailed and complex and usually difficult for the lay person to understand without professional assistance and advice. Attorney Aaron Bushur has been practicing law since 2008 and provides experienced and compassionate representation to clients and their families in the area of Reno guardianship and family law.

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